Thursday, July 15, 2010

Simplex Portal Template

I want to introduce to you all my latest template . It's named Simplex News portal . I think it's a good template for magazine and news portal ,a nice and clean template .

Live Demo | Download

here is steps to install this template :

1,Download this template

2,Open template file in any word editor you have

3,Find this code :
label1 = "WORLD";
Title1 = "WORLD";

label2 = "US";
Title2 = "US";

label3 = "Entertainment";
Title3 = "Entertainment";

label4 = "Science - Health";
Title4 = "Science - Health";

label5 = "Sports";
Title5 = "Sports";

label6 = "Technology";
Title6 = "Technology";

label7 = "Feature";
Title7 = "Feature";

label8 = "Topnews";
Title8 = "Top News";

Change the value of variables : label1,label2....label8 to name of category you want to show post in home page . Position of each lab

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